HoloNet News Vol. 531 55 oli yksi Tähtien sota -universumiin kuuluvista Holonet News -numeroista, jotka julkaistiin vähän ennen Kloonien hyökkäyksen julkaisua.


  • NEWS:
    • Anti-War Rally Dispersed by Senate Guard
    • Judicial Fired for Complaints of Species-Bias
    • Desrini Plagued by Dianogas
    • Senator Farr Named to Loyalist Committee
    • IBC Denies Arming Separatists
    • IA Caps Droid Rocket Warranty at 20 Years
    • Campaigning Reports from the Mid Rim
    • Arconan Smuggling Cartel Dismantled
    • Stone Mites Claim Ord Tiddell
    • Jedi Taskforce Dispatched to Reel in Thranta
    • Cadinth Loyalty Uncertain After Jedi Death
    • Jedi Defeated for Teräs Käsi Title
  • LIFE:
    • Recharge Prices Jump .4 Credits

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